The top features of the thesis act as studies as well as the primary stages of the implementation

The top features of the thesis act here as studies as well as the primary stages of the implementation

The primary attributes of the diploma act as studies

Graduate qualification work (GQW) is a research and teaching work. Consequently, in the beginning of the ongoing work on the diploma, it is necessary to comprehend exactly what the investigation is and what the attributes of the research conducted when you look at the performance associated with diploma are.

In a broad feeling, research represents one of the ways of intellectual activity, by which its customary to tell apart between

  • – a content (subjective) and
  • – a task (procedure) part.

The substantive part shows what’s being investigated and what the end result, the last product of this tasks are done. Task – answers the question of the way the research was organized and carried out, what steps, methods, individual techniques and their combinations had been used, which makes it feasible to think about the study to be correct.

Essence of composing the diploma regarding the pupil

Diploma work, along with medical research, involves an analysis of this concept and reputation for the problem: the theory may be the clinical foundation for the actual practical area of the research. The results of the diploma, with rare exceptions, do not differ in scientific novelty if the goal of scientific research is to obtain an objective new, that is, previously unknown knowledge. A novelty is had by these results of subjectivity, these are generally not used to the one who received them. The objective of doing the GQW is certainly not so much to get knowledge that is new it self, but instead to perfect the methods of research activity, to fix a couple of typical and imaginative tasks within the framework of 1 study.

The diploma work is not a purely scientific research: it is connected with the training and simultaneous development of the creative potential and individuality of the specialist in the substantive terms. But, the corporation of activities when it comes to execution associated with the thesis must reproduce the dwelling of medical research pretty much completely.

It is in this that the GQW approaches since closely as you can to medical research, that is carried call at conformity using the logic of medical research.

Phases of focus on the diploma work

When performing a diploma, the logic of research while the logic associated with presentation for the product have become important, because of which the focus on the diploma passes a few phases.

  1. 1. The stage that is first the installation period, which consists in selecting the subject and determining the methodological apparatus of the research. The author makes two documents: a study plan (research project, program or research prospectus) and a work structure or outline that is close to the table of contents as a result of the implementation of the first stage.
  2. 2. During the 2nd, research stage, the particular search area of the tasks are done using into account the compiled research plan and making use of the chosen methods, methods, technologies: the job is carried out in the theoretical and practical amounts; the outcome are systematized and generalized.
  3. 3. The third stage – the systematization of materials, the writing associated with the text additionally the design for the work and also the results of the study.
  4. 4. The second steps are regarding the preparation for the GQW for protection plus the procedure for the protection it self: the fourth phase is the distribution of strive to the division,
  5. 5. The stage that is fifth the defense regarding the thesis in the meeting associated with the State Attestation Commission.

The research phases are interrelated, the last phase determines the information and success of the subsequent stage, therefore it is more correct to execute them in the sequence that is specified.

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